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You can design several classes of maximally flat FIR digital filters, which include linear-phase and nonlinear-phase filters of even and odd orders, generalized halfband filters, and fractional delay systems known as Lagrange interpolators. What you get are filter coefficients in rational numbers (not decimal numbers), and so they are accurate.

Prof. Nishihara now serves as IEEE Region 10 Director 2019-2020.

Nishihara Lab was dissolved in the end of March 2016 because Prof. Nishihara has retired.
Prof. Nishihara is now a Professor Emeritus and since April 2016 he has been working as a Specially Appointed Professor at Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research (HAPPIER), Tokyo Institute of Technology. His contact information is shown here.

Since March 2020 he works for Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society.

CRADLE (Center for Research and Development of Educational Technology, established in 1973) was abolished in the end of March 2015.